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SimplyBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Tool platform that helps you build an application over public blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar. We provide the easiest way to integrate blockchain into your existing system. No blockchain expertise is needed to get started just use our Simple Restful APIs with any language you like and develop your solution.

Blockchain Explained



Storing Data Trails on Blockchain

We provide blockchain tools using the REST APIs for storing and securing your data Trails and mapping data fingerprints at any given time.

  • Immutability to your data through storing it on the blockchain.
  • Identification of your data through time stamping – check for changes at any given time.
  • Integration of your data trail for storing it on the blockchain – made it simple through given REST APIs.

With Simply Block you can Store data trails on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain.

Token Issuance

Token Issuance is made simple by SimplyBlock. Using our Token issuance tool, you can easily create utility and asset tokens.

  • Liquidity for your real-world assets.
  • Digitalization of any assets can be done through simple steps.
  • Auditable, tokens and underlying assets can be audited at any given time.

With Simply Block you can issue Tokens on Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain.

Smart Contract Ninja

Smart Contract Ninja simplifies implementing & deploying of Smart Contracts on Blockchain. Smart Contract Ninja helps you.

  • Design smart contracts with Customization of features adaptable to any industries.
  • Audit and optimize your smart contract efficiently through State of the Art Smart Contract Tool.
  • Manage complex business logic effectively through Plug and Play Model Smart Contract.

With Simply Block you can easily write, deploy and implement Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.

Developer Toolkit

The Simply Block Platform SDKs allow developers to build and deploy blockchain solutions quickly and easily. Our SDKs simplify the blockchain onboarding process for new users. With our Blockchain as a Service model, No blockchain expertise is needed to get started just use our Simple Restful APIs with any language you like and develop your solution. Work with our Simply Block APIs using official Simply Block SDKs, now available for NodeJS, Python and PHP.

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