About Us

Welcome To Simply Block

Simply Block is Blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform which enables to develop applications on the Blockchain without writing a single line of Blockchain code.

Tools For Easy Blockchain Integration

We’ve noticed lots of people struggle to get started on Blockchain since there is a long learning curve for it and journey is not so easy. Also for the Organisation’s Blockchain developers are either just not available or too expensive to recruit. So we thought, why not we just handle the Blockchain part and eliminate the entry barrier for any developer or organisation to develop solutions or integrate Blockchain in their systems.

Our Crazy Skills

We offer a range of services for both businesses and individual companies

Road Map

July 2017

Conceptualization for our product Storing Data Trails on Blockchain is started.

November 2017

Team Building started to take the project into Research and Development Stage.

April 2018

Product taken to the development stage.

November 2018

Conceptualization started for Token Issuance tool.

Feb 2019

Started initial stage of development for Token Issuance tool, while completing the storing data trails on blockchain to completion.

March 2019

Token Issuance tool is taken to the development stage.

April 2019

Conceptualization for Smart Contract Ninja tool is started.

June 2019

Product Storing Data Trails on Blockchain is launched.

July 2019

Token Issuance tool brought into the final stage of development.

August 2019

Smart Contract Ninja, Smart Contract Deployment to be launched.