How to create a crypto utility token for your business using simplyblock?

How to create a crypto utility token for your business using simplyblock?

1. Visit and click on the Go To Login/SignUp.

How to Guide

2. First Time Users have to click on the Sign-Up AND fill the required details to get registered on SimplyBlock.

3. After registering through Sign Up Check your email for verification and verify your email.

4. Once the registration is completed the User can access their SimplyBlock Dashboard.

5. Add a user in your profile so they can interact with your currency.

6. Check the address for admin because all total supply of that currency will be sent to this address.

7. Use admin hmac public and private key to generate signed data and python and node simplyblock API.

Note: – HMAC(Hash-based message authentication code) Public key is authentication code which is used for verifying the authenticity of the request by the user.

8. use this data to create signed-data 

“data” : {

    “totalSupply” : “100000”,

    “decimals” : “0”,

    “tokenName” : “Token1”,

  “tokenSymbol” : “T1”


9. Change the values of your currency as per your use and call the simplyblock api –  /v1/eth/erc20/deploy_contract/

After filling in the required parameters and sending the following request. The user gets the following response and hence successfully deploying the ERC 20 contract on the Ethereum Blockchain Network

Your created tokens can also be transferred to other users ( their address) using SimplyBlock API (v1/eth/erc20/transfer/). You can also use burn(/v1/eth/erc20/burn/)  to destroy that token and freeze(/v1/eth/erc20/freeze/)  to freeze someone from redeeming that token.