Storing Data Trails on Blockchain

Tools For Easy Blockchain Integration

Are you looking to decentralize the control over your data instead of trusting one central authority? Or you want to know if someone has tampered with your data? Or you want to establish trust by having transparency of data? If you have any one or all of these specific requirements, SimplyBlock can get the ball rolling by helping you store data on Blockchain.

Our data storage services will allow you to use SimplyBlock tools via our in-built REST APIs. SimplyBlock tools, our in-house development, are a work of excellence and a result of over 2 years of dedicated work. With the help of these tools, you’ll be able to easily integrate Blockchain in your enterprise, and thereafter use it to store and secure your data trails on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Stellar Blockchains.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I store data trails on Ethereum through SimplyBlock?

Ethereum is a global, decentralized Blockchain platform. SimplyBlock allows you to store data trails on Ethereum in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create hash for your data through SHA-256
  2. Request API for broadcasting hash on Ethereum Network
  3. Verify Hash on Ethereum Blockchain Network

How is data storage service of SimplyBlock helpful?

Data storage service provided by SimplyBlock makes it easy for enterprises to store data fingerprints on Ethereum and Stellar Blockchain network via Rest APIs. It’s effortless and quick to hash and store data on Blockchain with the help of our APIs. Moreover, our built-in REST APIs allow you to raise request in multiple languages.

What type of hashing algorithm does SimplyBlock provide for data security?

SimplyBlock uses SHA-256 algorithm to generate a unique, 256-bit (32-byte) size hash. Hashes play a major role in securing your data since each hash is unique and cannot be decrypted back. They ensure tamper-free transmission of data, and are highly suitable for use in digital signatures or detecting duplicate data.

Can I hash my data from elsewhere and store it through SimplyBlock?

Yes, you can generate hash of your data from any hash generator and move on to the next step of broadcasting hash (SHA256) on the Ethereum network.